We offer training solutions that will elevate you or your organization to the next level!

We offer organization level and professional development training in Medical Device Product Development, Combination Products, Design Controls, Risk Management, Statistical Analysis and many other topics as needed.

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Organization Training

Is your organization looking for ways to improve overall operations? Our expert training consultants understand the demands of today’s global business environment and develop custom training solutions that will dramatically elevate your workforce’s performance.

Professional Training

Are you looking to enhance your individual skill set or are you trying to break into the medical device or pharmaceutical industry? We offer industry specific training to help you enhance your individual skill set or get the tools you need to jump into a new industry. We specialize in helping professionals get into the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Our professional specific training is integrated with our staffing and direct placement services.

Training Opportunities

We provide on-site training, live web based webinars, seminars and on-demand modules. Contact Us Now to get started.

Some courses and programs:

1-4 hour training programs that are designed for corporations or industry professionals looking for an overview of the topic.

  • Medical Device Product Development 101
  • Combination Product Development 101
  • Intro to Design Controls and Risk Management
  • Advanced topics in Design controls and Risk management
  • Project Management in the medical device and combination product industry

Professional Development

16 week course designed for Industry professionals trying to advance their skill set or get into the medical device and combination product industry

  • Medical Device and Combination Product Boot Camp

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